The Lab is incredibly proud of the collection of artists that gathered last summer for our inaugural season.  Four new plays were produced, two of which have already gone on to be performed on stages elsewhere.  For more info about our projects post-Stratford, keep up with us on our blog.

In The Night Time (Before the Sun Rises) 
by Nina Segal 

directed by Kate D'Arcy Attwell, featuring Emily Davis and Gabriel Levey

And Vaster
by Skye Robinson Hillis

directed by Andrea Dymond, featuring Bill Chameides, Marca Leigh, Phyllis Lindy, Ross Pivec and Katie Rooney

The Farmer & The Indian
by Tim Nicolai and Christian DeMarais

directed by John Michael DiResta featuring Christian DeMarais, Ceci Fernandez and Tim Nicolai

by Nate Currier

directed by Molly Lyons, featuring Matt DeCostanza, Mia DiLasho, Olivia Gregorich, Ysabel Jasa, Brendan Rooney, Rebeka Rosales and Elizabeth Scruton